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Cremation Options

New Tradition Funerals and Cremations offers two methods of cremation.
We will discuss with you which type is preferred for your family.

Traditional Flame Based Cremation

This is the option that most people know of as cremation.  It uses intense heat created by flame to perform cremation.

Flameless Cremation

Also known as Alkyline Hydrolosis, this is an option newer in Illinois, and not offered by all cremation providers.  New Tradition is grateful to be able to offer this option which uses no flame and is used by such organizations as UCLA Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic. 

Please watch a short video below explaining this process.

Urns and Cremation Memorial Products
You may view urns and cremation related products by clicking on the underlined links below.

Wilbert Funeral Services Inc.Wilbert offers a wide choice of cremation urns from traditional to contemporary styles and constructed of a broad variety of materials – glass, metal, bronze, wood, cultured marble, biodegradable, Cloisonné, brass and porcelain.

Crescent Memorial
At Crescent, their mission is to help each and every family find peace and celebrate a life well lived. They do this by manufacturing and then providing high quality products and services through your local Funeral Home.
>>> View Catalog

Cultured Urn Creations
Accepted by most cemeteries.  Cultured Urn Creations by Knauer Industries are made using the finest materials by artisan craftsman with unparalleled attention to detail.  This is a family owned business for over 40 years that offers assorted styles and colors to choose from in elegant cultured marble or rich granite.  Personalized color and engraving gives you the ability to create a memorable keepsake that will last a lifetime. 

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